Old wood – wood with history

When you use old wood, you choose a material with character.

Each board and each beam is unique and tells its own story due to its traces of use. Sometimes you can find handmade notches or even a date from the times in which our great-grandfathers lived. The ageing process varies, depending on how exposed the wood was, the influence of the sun and weather has affected the wood to a greater or lesser extent. Depending on the location, the wood has been sun-baked or finished with a silver patina. The wood comes from all over Europe and is collected, sorted and prepared in elaborate manual work.

We supply large DIY stores as well as professional markets.
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Old wood rediscovered

Reprocessed natural product

Dried, de-nailed and textured

Continuous lamellas

Three-layer structure


Foiled with inlay or labelled

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